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View the Technology Commercialization Office’s videos on commercialization process, startup experiences, featured technologies, and entrepreneurial events.

Technology Commercialization Videos

Technology Commercialization Process

Learn the steps of commercialization, from submitting an invention disclosure to the impact a technology makes when it enters the marketplace.


Faculty Commercialization Opportunities

Drs. Mallery, Chiara, Durand, and Embi describe their research and commercialization pathways at The Ohio State University.

Commercialization Business Opportunities at The Ohio State University

Ohio State startup business leaders share their experience and advice.  

Featured Technologies Videos

Smart Wheat Technology

Winter wheat is planted in the fall, goes dormant during the winter and continues to grow in the spring.  Every spring, farmers and industry representatives ask, “Will my wheat be profitable?” Current wheat recommendations are based on counting the numbers of wheat tillers, which is a very time consuming and physically challenging task. Smart Wheat uses digital images and a proprietary image analysis algorithm to count the wheat tillers automatically. The decision tool will aid industry and farmers in making sound agronomic decisions.

SmartWheat from Infinite Impact on Vimeo.

A Tunable Magneto-Optic Grating Technology

A remote activated, magnetically tunable optical grating system enabling the controlled splitting and steering of light, allowing a wide range of light manipulation schemes.


Event Videos

The College of Arts and Sciences Ideafest

In October 2015 The Ohio State University, College of Arts and Sciences, hosted the first Ideafest, a two day “What’s Next?” Hackathon. The college asked faculty, students, and staff from different backgrounds to create the next big cross collaboration innovation.

Created by Dan Rockwell