Technology Commercialization Office

In FY2018 Ohio State had more than 900 inventors

Inventors are the most critical part of the success of any licensed technology


The inventor logs into the Inventor Portal at, managed by the Technology Commercialization Office (TCO), to submit an official, confidential, non-public disclosure of his or her discovery, invention, or technology.


The inventor meets with a TCO Licensing Manager to discuss the invention, possible markets, potential customers, etc.


The inventor may provide feedback on the disclosure assessment and Intellectual Property strategy if requested by the Licensing Manager or outside IP counsel. See the full Intellectual Property Policy.


The inventor may be asked to participate in the confidential technical conversations with potential licensees.


The inventor does not participate in licensing negotiations in order to avoid conflicts of interest. The TCO is responsible for representing the university in negotiations with potential licensees.

The Commercialization Pathway

There are established pathways for inventors to commercialize inventions at the university.

Inventor Involvement

After the technology is licensed, the inventor may stay involved with the company in a number of ways: navigating conflicts, faculty consulting, sponsored research, and equity ownership.

Submit Your Invention

Please contact our office at 614-292-1315 or with questions.