Technology Commercialization Office
  • Do you want to send biological materials to another researcher outside of The Ohio State University?
  • Is execution of your MTA urgent, or would you like to expedite the processing of your MTA?
  • Is the researcher located at another academic or research institution, or not-for-profit entity?

If you answered “YES” to all of the above questions, then there is a solution for you!

Ohio State’s Technology Commercialization Office (TCO) now offers the Simple MTA to expedite the negotiation and processing time for material transfers to other academic or research institutions or not-for-profit entities.

The Simple MTA should also not be used for the transfer of material to not-for-profits (or possibly even other academic or research institutions) that would require specific or additional terms in special circumstances, such as the following:

  • When the material is patented or patent-pending
  • When an Invention Disclosure has been filed on the material
  • When the material has not been published on and you would like to ensure that you have the right to publish first
  • When the material has been licensed to a for-profit organization
  • When the material involves third party rights, such as when the material is a modification of material received by a third party

In instances such as the aforementioned, it may be preferable to use other MTA templates that have been specially prepared by our office in order to properly and adequately protect the material. If you have questions concerning what template may be best to protect the material you would like to transfer please contact our office at or submit a request via our Agreements Request Forms online.

Below is the link to Ohio State’s Simple MTA, our new standard MTA-out template. You can:

  • Download the document and email it to the Other Party;
  • Send the Other Party a link to the document by copying and pasting the Simple MTA document link into an email; or
  • Inform the Other Party about the TCO website, and direct them to download the document on their own.
    1. Direct the Other Party to follow the instructions on the cover page.
    2. Finally, if the Other Party sends a signed copy of the MTA back to you please make sure to forward it to TCO at for finalization. Please note: Do not sign the document yourself, as all MTAs must be signed by an authorized representative from TCO.
Download Simple MTA

Send MTA to


The Simple MTA should not be used for the transfer of human tissue or specimens, or for transfers to companies or for-profit entities


Do not sign the document yourself, as all MTAs must be signed by an authorized representative from TCO