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Intravenous (IV) Access Port Seal

A device to discourage IV-drug-abusing patients from self-accessing their IV ports while in the hospital


COMPANIES –– tap into top talent to help grow your tech #startup STUDENTS –– get paid $15+/hr to work in an excitin…
@spooky_syd Search your class on this link and you'll be able to see all the details for each course. Thanks!
  @Tech Ohio State
RT @Flashstarts: Looks like @WeCanCodeIT is coming to #Akron! Congrats on the expansion!
RT @cathannkress: Celebrating 5th anniversary with @OhioState @theSTEAMfactory @medflygenes gives a shoutout to @ohio4h getting him started…
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@VinnyZack1 Thanks! There should be other non-iPad required sections of your course still available. You can search…
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Are you (or do you know someone) looking for some career experience? We have a few openings for students within res…
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RT @Rev1Ventures: #Columbus --- Startup Week is May 7-11! Sign up. Get involved. Learn cool things. Talk to cool people.
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RT @OSUengineering: Learn more about these innovative, entrepreneurial students
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.@StartupCbus, @StartupCincy and @StartInCLE ALL named top 40 startup cities. #OhioIsForStartups.