CDA Information

What is a Confidential Disclosure Agreement?

It is important not to disclose your work or reveal information to researchers outside of OSU without first having a confidentiality agreement in place.  Confidential disclosure agreements (CDAs), sometimes referred to as non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), are used when confidential information needs to be exchanged between OSU and an outside party to conduct research or evaluate research opportunities. CDAs define the terms under which confidential information will be exchanged between the parties.

An authorized representative from the Technology Commercialization and Knowledge Transfer office must sign all CDAs before any proprietary information is disclosed (even if you have been provided a signature line, you can’t sign).

What is the process for having a CDA signed at OSU?

  • Check whether you can use the Simple CDA, OSU’s new standard CDA template, designed to expedite the process.
  • If the situation is that you cannot use the Simple CDA, complete the MTA-CDA questionnaire
  • Once you have submitted the questionnaire, a CDA Specialist will be assigned to review the CDA and will work directly with the Other Party.
  • Sometimes negotiation of the agreement is required, in order to have the agreement in compliance with Ohio law, federal law, and OSU policies.
  • You will be kept in the loop, with status updates or by being cc’ed on correspondence.
  • Once the CDA has been signed by both parties, you will be sent a fully executed copy for your records.
  • Please read the fully executed agreement carefully, comply with its terms, and keep your discussions within the scope of the CDA.

Please feel free to contact your MTA Specialist at any time.

Click here to fill out the CDA-MTA Questionare

Please contact our office at 614-247-6633, or with questions.