Energy-efficient actuators that can process high volumes of products, using electromagnetic forming, in a single operation with multiple manufacturing applications.

The Need

Crimp sealing is an aseptic packaging technology used to cap bottled food, beverage, or pharmaceutical products during the manufacturing process. Current crimp sealing methodologies are mechanical in design which has been known to produce dust particulates due to their moving parts. Due to tight consumer safety regulations by government agencies like the FDA, such manufacturers are interested in reducing particulate waste. A technique called electromagnetic forming has been identified as an alternative process which can provide the same function in a cleaner more efficient manner.

The Market

Food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries are interested in increasing production volume while keeping costs low and maintaining adequate consumer safety levels. Aseptic packaging equipment remains the global market leader for controlled packaging solutions for food, beverage, and pharmaceutical products.

  • The global revenue for aseptic packaging was valued at $4.64 billion in 2012 and is expected to reach $6.34 billion in 2017 at 6.4% CAGR (BCC Research)
  • The markets for the food and beverage packaging industries are expected to reach $207.8 billion and $94.9 billion, respectively, in 2017 (BCC Research)
  • The 2013 revenue for the metal can and container manufacturing industry was expected to reach $19.8 billion (IBISWorld)

The Technology

Researchers at The Ohio State University, led by Dr. Glenn Daehn, developed an innovative crimp sealing mechanism that surpasses conventional designs. Called Quick Crimp, the electromagnetic actuators developed by Daehn's group were designed to efficiently crimp seal high volumes of bottles during the pharmaceutical or other bottling production processes. By increasing the number of actuators for production, energy economy significantly improves. Moreover, their robust design asserts low inductance and therefore encourages larger scale applications for greater energy efficiency.

  • Product can cap lines with high efficiency for complex shapes
  • 10 times faster than current crimp sealing mechanisms based on electromagnetic forming technology
  • Non-contact feature of the actuator's design minimizes particulate matter from mechanical operation
  • System is capable of achieving line production rates of 600 units per minute

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