A web-based portal for monitoring and managing the status of greenhouse and growth facilities

The Need

Currently, there is no small-scale, research-focused software for greenhouse management. Jeff Campbell, Ohio State Computer Engineering major and software aficionado has developed a software platform capable of managing the needs of OSU’s Greenhouses. With no competing product on the market, this represents a major step forward for the small-scale researcher.

The Market

Whereas most greenhouse management software is designed for larger operations, this software has been adapted to fit the needs of smaller greenhouses and growth facilities. As such, this platform is specifically geared toward the small-scale, university-based researcher, and would be well-received by:

  • Large universities with a number of smaller facilities
  • Small universities
  • Other small-scale greenhouse/growth facility operations

The Technology

The Ohio State University Systems and Network Administer, Jeffrey Campbell, developed a Greenhouse and Growth Facility Management Software (GGFMS). GGFMS is a web portal for monitoring the status of greenhouse and growth facilities. For users, the software allows them to make reservations for space within the growth facility. It also provides users with critical data about:

  • Growth conditions
  • Number of insects
  • Order of entry
  • Maintenance notices

Additionally, the software allows administrators to track and manage growth facility usage by breaking down facility usage while facilitating chargebacks and general record keeping. It also allows both users and administrators to identify which plants are in which facilities. The software also helps keep track of insect/pest infestations.In the near future, the following capabilities will be added to the GGFMS platform:

  • Ability to track chemical usage in chambers
  • Difference pricing for different groups
  • Administrative control of user groups
  • Allow group admins to delegate administrative tasks
  • Growth facility maps
  • Ability to utilize print labs
  • Use of barcodes or QR codes to track plant movement and other changes within a facility
  • Adaptability to future needs

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