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The Ohio Resource Center K-12 Online Resource Repository

An intiuitive solution to maintaining high-quality educational content

Insulating Sleeve that Prolongs Viability of Blood Products

A packaging design that will reduce blood bag waste in hospitals.

High Surface Area Catalysts for Fuel Cells

A high performance and durable reductive catalyst for polymer and metal-air fuel cells

Mammalian Abdominal Body-Wall Surgical Model

Highly adaptable surgical model for surgical demonstrations and training, representing five tissue layers

Orchiectomy Surgical Model

Highly adaptable surgical model for veterinary surgical demonstrations and training


A treatment match platform for personalized cancer therapy

Biofilm Inhibitor Protein

A Natural, Food-Safe Protein for Preventing and Removing Biofilm Formations

A Method for Joining by Forming of Dissimilar Materials

A method that uses vaporizing foil actuator to join together dissimilar materials to form lightweight structures.

Head and Gaze Tracking Device for Baseball Training

Software system optimizing head and eye movement for baseball, softball, tennis, and more

Diagnostic Test for the Early Identification of Sepsis

Prognostic, diagnostic, and therapeutic use of miRNAs in Sepsis

Regulating inflammatory diseases with natural NF-kB inhibitors

A chemotherapeutic fungal derivative will help treat a variety of patients suffering from inflammatory diseases.

Rapid Synthesis of Zeolite Crystals

A method optimizing synthesis time, improving speeds up to seventy-five percent.

High-repetition rate, liquid thin-film laser target inserter

A variable thickness liquid film target is generated at repetition rates in excess of 10 Hz for laser-excitation and application.

Laparoscopic Multi-Grasper

Combining multiple laparoscopic devices into one, adding dexterity and improving single incision surgery

Cloud-Based, Multi-Center, Medical Imaging Data Storage & Transfer System

The Need

When patients visit a new healthcare practitioner, they often have to take up the tiresome role of ‘middleman’ between their new practitioner seeking past medical history and imaging, and their former practitioner who continually neglects to send over the desired information. Currently, patients are responsible for holding on to images and informing their practitioner of past medical diagnosis. This stems directly from a lack of any shared storage and transfer system for medical imaging and data among institutions. Hence, there is considerable redundancy of diagnostic imaging, accompanied by high financial costs and radiation exposure.

The Market

  • The US cloud computing market for medical images was at $56.5M in 2010, and expected to reach $383.1M in 2018 (Medical Device Network)
    • Medical images storage and disaster recovery sector was valued at $22.5M in 2010, expected to reach $228.1M in 2018 (Medical Device Network)
  • An estimated $10B is wasted in the US annually on unnecessary or duplicative imaging studies (Radiographics)

The Technology

Researchers at The Ohio State University led by Richard D. White, MD, have developed a medical imaging cloud for multi-center sharing of non-invasive diagnostic imaging. The cloud will allow for central image-data storage, networking for image-data transfer, sharing of diagnostic images and electronic health records between hospitals. If a patient goes to another hospital, the healthcare provider will be able to access prior diagnostic images. This technology mitigates the redundancy and high costs associated with unnecessary medical imaging.
  • Sharing of imaging services and resources among health care providers without changing local workflows
  • Cloud services providing data storage backup for institutions and registry formation, enabling local HIPAA and IRB approved searches on the same image sets
  • Gathering of multi-center business critical information, such as resource allocation, quality, best practices, safety and referral patterns

Simulation Software for Anaerobic Digestion Process

An analytical software package which will optimize users’ anaerobic digestion processes within seconds.

ParaMag: Parallel Magnetic Tweezers

A programmable magnetic platform for biomolecule sorting and tweezer applications.

Embedded Arts / Rehabilitation Improvisation

Computer program integrating rehabilitation science with the creative arts

Novel Bacteria that Suppress Soil-borne Plant Diseases

A method of suppressing soil-borne plant diseases with a subset of soil & root microflora

miRNA Biomarkers for Radiation Biodosimetry

A minimally invasive procedure to determine radiation toxicity in therapy patients or victims of nuclear accidents.

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