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Control of toxic cyanobacteria bloom with lytic cyanophage and UV

Cynophage Ma-LEP and Ultraviolet light can be used in combination as a sustainable and economically friendly method of managing toxic cyanobacteria blooms.

Control of Salmonella in poultry using new generation small molecule growth inhibitors.

Small molecule compounds that can be used to inhibit Salmonella growth for safe and sustainable poultry production.

Antisense Morpholino Treatment to Increase SMN Levels and Treat Spinal Muscular Atrophy

A treatment for spinal muscular atrophy.

Antisense Oligonucleotide Development for Treatment of Spinal Muscular Atrophy

The SMN2 gene contains sequences that regulate the level of inclusion of SMN exon7 in SMN mRNA, and some of these act in a negative manner. Antisense oligonucleotides to block the negative regulating protein binding to these sites can increase inclusion of SMN exon 7 and thus, the amount of SMN being produced.

Co-inducer and Antibiotic-free Plasmid Addiction System

A novel plasmid addiction system for cost-effective end-product generation.

Use of Gene Product to Treat Nerve Injury and Sarcopenia

A novel method using the overexpression of survival motor neuron protein to improve motor unity synaptic repair and restore/protect muscle size and function due to sarcopenia.

Biobutal Production from Synthetic Hydrogen Bacteria

Unique bacterial strains for conversion of carbon dioxide and hydrogen into biobutanol.

A novel STK1-targeted small molecule as an “antibiotic resistance breaker”

Inh2-B1 serves as a therapeutically important “antibiotic-resistance-breaker,” which enhances the bactericidal activity of Ceftriaxone/Cefotaxime against highly pathogenic MDRSA infection.

Efficient Separation of Speech from Background Noises

A novel training method to separate speech from unwanted background noise.

Novel Use of Fostamatinib as a Therapeutic for Liver Cancer, both as First-Line Therapy and Following Acquired Resistance to Sorafenib

A combination-therapy that has the potential to overcome and/or prevent the commonly observed acquisition of sorafenib resistance, which is associated with treatment failure in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma.

Method for isolation of anthocyanin-mixtures from plant materials.

A mixed-mode method for the isolation of anthocyanin-mixtures from plant materials.

Battery consumption minimization strategy for plug-in, pure, and hybrid EVs

An energy management strategy for pure and hybrid electric vehicles that improves battery-life and optimizes fuel economy

Anthocyanin Purification Method

A highly pure and efficient method for anthocyanin purification from fruits and vegetables

A prototype device for applying beneficial mites to a greenhouse crop

A method of evenly distributing beneficial mites throughout a greenhouse using a novel device.

Real-Time Quadruplex Priming Amplification (QPA) for Nucleic Acid Amplification and Quantification

An enhanced nucleic acid amplification system that is more efficient and cost-effective than conventional polymerase chain reaction methods.

Rapidly reversible DNA-quadruplex-based molecular capture system

A specific and rapidly reversible system for single molecule capture employing magnesium-dependent DNA quadruplex structures.

High Surface Area Catalysts for Fuel Cells

A high performance and durable reductive catalyst for polymer and metal-air fuel cells

Crosslinked Hydrophilic Membranes for Gas Separation

An energy efficient process for the separation of gases by selectively permeable membranes

Polymer/Inorganic Composite Membranes for Gas Separations

Membranes that efficiently separate gasses such as H2 from coal gas, CO2 from flue gas, and O2 from air

Zeolite/Polymer Composite Membranes for Carbon Dioxide Separations

Zeolite/polymer composite membranes for carbon dioxide separations

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