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An energy management strategy for pure and hybrid electric vehicles that improves battery-life and optimizes fuel economy

Carbon dioxide capture from synthesis gas or hydrogen and methane containing mixtures

A welding technique that joins two dissimilar metals.

A device that can be readily attached to inertia or direct drive friction welding equipment to determine energy efficiency in-situ during welding, providing real-time feedback for improving control.

Environmentally friendly, fuel efficient, and cost effective marine jet propulsion system

Making axisymmetric joints using pressure created by gas evolution from electrically vaporizing thin wires.

A thermodynamic cyclic system that can be applied to any oxidation/combustion process

A new method which uses electrically vaporizing conductors to achieve collision welding safely, efficiently, and in a factory environment.

A novel tapered chamber design that allows for easy polarization change, test zones clean of stray signals, and a thinner back wall absorber.

This novel invention is a radar system that uses random electromagnetic noise as the radiated signal.