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An environmentally-friendly chromate conversion coating that can prevent oxidation of metals.

A thermodynamic cyclic system that can be applied to any oxidation/combustion process.

Engine system capable of recovering wasted heat energy from combustion engines or similar heat sources and converting it to mechanical or electrical energy.

Carbon dioxide capture from synthesis gas or hydrogen and methane containing mixtures

Electrically variable transmission able to continuously regulate the effective speed ratio between the engine and the wheels ensuring the proper amount of power delivered to each axle for an all wheel drive vehicle

A closed source autopilot system (hardware and software) which provides a degree of security and traceability that is lacking with the current open source autopilots.

The Need “Objects in mirror are closer than they appear;” though problematically, objects often cease to appear in the mirror at all. While many devices are currently available to address this need, they are successful only within limited confines of operation. Current market solutions cannot detect the specific distance, angle, positions, size, and shape of the objects being queried. The ability to distinguish between low priority obstacles such as a

Engine control using a torque estimation technique that utilizes existing sensors and easily accessible crankshaft dynamic variables.

Integrating multiple vehicle power sources for efficient power and limp home capability

A novel tapered chamber design that allows for easy polarization change, test zones clean of stray signals, and a thinner back wall absorber.