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Porous scaffolds that maintain mechanical integrity while promoting tissue growth.

Bacterial production of a potent wide-spectrum antibiotic substance

PP2A as a target for anticancer therapy with small molecules.

A potential cancer treatment that suppresses cancer cells' glucose uptake.

Research tool; in-vivo transgenic mouse model with liver oncogenicity of microRNA-221.

A new strategy for using androgen receptor ablative agents has been developed for prostate cancer therapy.

A small molecule that functions as an agonist of the sphingosine receptor mediated signaling and interferes with lymphocyte trafficking.

A treatment consisting of benzamide derivatives has been developed to improve patient conditions and survival rates against chronic lymphocytic leukemia of B cells.

Two peptide mimetics that may provide relapse relief of Multiple Sclerosis.

An enzyme that expresses a mutant bacterial chondroitinase within an oncolytic HSV-1 for improved function and spread of the virus.