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An optimized Thiazolidinediones (TZD), OSU-CG12, as a novel energy restriction-memetic agent for cancer therapy and chemo-prevention.

Compounds for treating solid tumors, non-solid tumors, leukemias and non-small cell lung cancer

An IL6 / GP130 / STAT3 receptor antagonist for the treatment of various cancer and inflammatory diseases.

A system of electro-osmotic pumps for the localized delivery of defined chemistry on the femtoliter scale (10-15 liter).

This technology is a set of novel DNA methylation inhibitors which can be used to reduce DNA methylation by small molecule agents.

R1-adrenoreceptor antagonists that promote apoptosis in cancer cells.

Novel in-vivo mice models facilitating the study of pancreatic beta cell loss and corresponding type one diabetes as well as other pancreatic diseases.

Inhibition of two members of the miRNA 17~92 cluster as a potential cystic fibrosis therapy. Our in vivo data using CF mouse model demonstrate that targeting Mir17 and Mir20 improves autophagy and bacterial clearance. Targeting these 2 Mirs also improves the function of the CFTR channel in cells expressing F508del mutation which is the most common mutation in CF patients.

An antitumor agent developed from indol-3-carbinol, a naturally ocurring phytochemical in crucifeous vegetables.

An Estrogen Receptor Beta Agonist for the treatment of breast, colon, and prostate cancers as well as inflammatory diseases.