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A novel training method to separate speech from unwanted background noise

An analog method for the transmission of digital data via ultrasonic waves.

Human-Assisted Modeling (HAM), Subject Matter Expert Refined Models (SMERM), and Subject Matter Expert Refined Topic (SMERT) Models.

Improving cochlear implants for better quality and understanding of speech in noise.

A smart application scheduler for smartphones which will yield 45% longer battery lifetime while achieving the same cold launch probability.

A software is introduced that automatically analyzes images and videos. It classifies the facial expressions into one of 21 categories.

A triage method that can thoroughly assess the psychological, social, and supportive needs of oncology patients.

An application for determining the likelihood that a dog has Addison's disease.

Job matching assessment system that is designed to assess worker abilities, assess job demands, identify the pros and cons of each potential job match, and identify intervention targets.

Computer program integrating rehabilitation science with the creative arts