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Realistic immunohistochemical stained tissue section databases for training, certification, and machine standards.

A non-invasive and automated tumor budding image analysis system for colorectal cancer. This program can detect tumor buds in traditional H&E stained sections without the need for manual assessment.

Encoding strategy for improvement of speech understanding in a noisy environment for audiotory prosthetic devices.

A method of measuring traffic flow in an operating room to reduce contamination and ensure air quality.

A novel training method to separate speech from unwanted background noise.

Verbal communication of color is challenging, therefore mathematically-standardized color spaces are used. ColorBySpectra is software that in one click can convert large sets of absorbance data obtained from a simple spectrophotometer into color spaces: Hunter Lab, CIEL*c*h* and CIEL*a*b*. It reduces time for data collection, and sample volume and equipment needs. The software is useable on multiple platforms and would be useful in food science or other industries interested in precise color information.

User friendly database validation software

A program to transform time-consuming user-unfriendly electronic forms into user-friendly formats, saving up to 50% of user time.

A technique to increase the processing speed of data collection without losing accuracy

The Need Tables of information are related using JOIN operators, a particular data point from table A is related with a data point from table B. This connectivity is a fundamental part of data analysis, allowing the user to run statistical analysis to find trends. When using large data sets too much information is presented at once, and nothing can be easily concluded from the data. An often used technique