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A safe, cost-effective, and sustainable neutron detector based on gallium nitride, capable of gamma radiation noise isolation.

An Electromagnetic Forming Actuator with uniform pressure distribution over nominally flat areas.

Electromagnetic actuators are used to evenly distribute strain in sheet metal.

Electromagnetic actuators alter strain distribution in sheet metal.

An automated electrochemical method for evaluating the structure of below ground biomass.

An inexpensive device that utilizes non-invasive electromagnetic interactions with red blood cells to provide continuous monitoring for malaria.

An electronic valve controller assembly was built to demonstrate a means for knowing the internal state of double solenoid directional valves.

A simple artery locating device that can be used for arterial blood gas draw assistance - quickly finding a patient artery suitable for use.

A fabrication technique is proposed to prepare a composite structure which leads to a structure with sensor elements distributed in 3-D space for visualizing stress distribution.

A polymer/enzyme optical bio-sensing system for continuous glucose monitoring