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Integrating non-volatile memory with the processing of spin-based information, thereby creating non-volatile logic.

Constantan alloyed with an earth-abundant element showing improved thermopower and thermoelectric figure of merit.

This innovative deposition system is able to grow single crystalline films of a broad range of complex materials with unprecedented crystalline quality of binary, ternary and quaternary oxides and intermetallics with simple or complex crystal structures.

Couplers that attach light from optical fiber to a silicon photonic integrated circuit at any location on the surface of the circuit.

Novel methods for the synthesis of electrically conductive polymers and oligomers for their use in electronic devices.

A method for producing free carbon, necessary for the growth of carbon nanotubes and other carbon clusters.

A hybrid material system consisting of both silicon and lithium niobate with integrated electrodes enabling micrometer scale integrated voltage controlled components for silicon integrated photonics.

Innovative device structures and device fabrication techniques for terahertz electronics and photonics.

A III-nitride enhancement-mode field effect transistor with an improved electric field profile for enhanced performance.

A method of enhancing the positive threshold voltage of nitride enhancement mode Field Effect Transitors.