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A novel tool that offers improved efficiency, convenience, and precision for excision of DNA and protein bands or biological tissues.

A bioreactor that facilitates rapid and automatic (or semiautomatic) monitoring and measuring of rare biological and metabolic events.

A three-point bending device that can be used within a micro-CT scanner to record and analyze mechanical properties of bone and other material.

A method of measuring traffic flow in an operating room to reduce contamination and ensure air quality.

A mixed-mode method for the isolation of anthocyanin-mixtures from plant materials.

A highly pure and efficient method for anthocyanin purification from fruits and vegetables

A specific and rapidly reversible system for single molecule capture employing magnesium-dependent DNA quadruplex structures.

Self-assembling, highly stable RNA cages amenable to custom functionalization and cargo delivery

Design for a three-dimensional microfluidic bioreactor array; device allows for culturing of a variety of cell types without contamination.

Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) is a useful material for development of assays, biochips, and other biological materials. However, PMMA makes for a difficult substrate because of complexities with respect to adhesion. This technology presents two new methods for enhanced protein binding onto PMMA.