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Modifications were made to a White cell and Fourier cell to improve optical switching engines. These improvements include a reduction of cost, elimination of size restrictions, and increase of efficiency.

This novel CO2 sensor will allow faster and more accurate measurements under conditions such as humidity and high temperature

New UV LED designs that use quantum mechanical tunneling, to inject holes or electrons, can greatly enhance the efficiency and power of these devices.

A nanowire that overcomes defect formation normally found in LEDs, leading to higher charge density.

The Need Photonic circuits, where data is transferred by beams of light instead of copper or gold wires, have the potential to revolutionize the fields of computer science and communications. Compared to state-of-the-art technologies, photonic circuits could provide faster processing speeds and data transfer with lower power consumption and heat production. Although significant research and development has been dedicated to photonic circuits, current systems are not fully integrated and must

A wide bandgap ultraviolet semiconductor device based on AlGaN nanowire heterojunctions doped with Gd.

A software system optimizing head and eye movement tracking for baseball, softball, tennis, and more

A high-temperature metal oxide semiconductor based gas sensor that is doped with noble metals to increase stability and selectively