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A method optimizing synthesis time, improving speeds up to seventy-five percent.

A novel method for synthesizing ferrocyanide-based ion exchange compounds for use as corrosion inhibiting pigments within paints and primers for metallic alloys.

A modification of the original Cast Pin Tear Test (CPTT) is used to generate comparative rankings of solidification cracking susceptibility in metallic alloys subjected to welding.

A high performance and durable reductive catalyst for polymer and metal-air fuel cells

Novel methods for encapsulating corrosion inhibitors with a passive shell to reduce undesired effects and enhance performance within a coating matrix.

Porous scaffolds that maintain mechanical integrity while promoting tissue growth.

A family of compounds that can be used as catalysts in asymmetric synthesis.

A thermoelectric power generator that uses the spin-Seebeck effect but is able to amplify the amount of the power generated.

Ultra-thin layer chromatography plates that offer faster and more efficient separation of compound mixtures.

A method using sub-millimeter sized microcapsules to guide the assembly of endothelial or endothelial progenitor cells to form 3D microcapillary in 3D engineered tissue under ultra-low attachment culture condition.