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Combining multiple laparoscopic devices into one, adding dexterity and improving single incision surgery

The SmartHub is a personal fitness and activity tracking device designed for manual wheelchair users. This novel device is unlike others in the market because it can be brought out of a clinical setting.

A completely pneumatic, multi-directional, blade-less, personal cooling device for hospital patients

A packaging design that will reduce blood bag waste in hospitals.

Clothing originally developed for NASA EVA applications that contains a two layer system of dry Electrodes for improved health or athletic monitoring.

Improving cochlear implants for better quality and understanding of speech in noise.

A novel stethoscope design that enhances the safety of a healthcare professional's working environment while improving the quality of care.

A single person extremity medical lift that allows doctors, nurses, and the patient to eliminate the physical labor involved in lifting the lower extremity.

A polymer/enzyme optical bio-sensing system for continuous glucose monitoring

A device that assists victims of spinal cord injuries with motor movement impairment with day-to-day tasks such as writing, typing, and using a touch screen. This device is configured to work with any number of writing instruments or utensils, and has a capacitive tipped stylus for use with a touch pad.