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An improved suturing device for Roux-en-Y laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery

A device to intra-operatively measure varus/valgus, internal/external, and anterior/posterior stability for total knee arthroplasty.

A new class of smart material based linear actuators with applications in many fields.

A device for lysis of surgical adhesions with low-frequency and low-pressure fluid irrigation.

Tricycle designed to meet the child development needs of toddlers with dwarfism.

Novel non-contact method for healing surface or deep wounds by inducing electric fields by applying time-varying magnetic fields.

A capillary refill training tool that can be installed into already existing high-fidelity mannequins. Through an LED lighting system, this device can be used during pediatric or adult simulation training.

An inexpensive device that utilizes non-invasive electromagnetic interactions with red blood cells to provide continuous monitoring for malaria.

An improved orthoscopic biting device used for debridement (removing of damaged or dead tissue) of a torn meniscus during a partial meniscectomy.

A disposable, inexpensive, and realistic simulation overlay for abdomen training.