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A device to discourage IV-drug-abusing patients from self-accessing their IV ports while in the hospital

Realistic immunohistochemical stained tissue section databases for training, certification, and machine standards.

Encoding strategy for improvement of speech understanding in a noisy environment for audiotory prosthetic devices.

Exudate drain receptacles that can be easily emptied and improve accuracy of measurements, while reducing exposure to exudate.

The medical physics group in the Department of Radiation Oncology has devised a 6DoF phantom that is the first of its kind to fully integrate multiple routine QA tests specifically for a six degrees-of-freedom linac table.

Medical device for controlling seizures.

A completely pneumatic, multi-directional, bladeless, personal cooling device for hospital patients

A device for separating macromolecules in a solution of macromolecules having different molecular sizes

A novel device to reinforce the abstract concept of time to intellectually disabled children, especially those with Down syndrome.

A device to intra-operatively measure varus/valgus, internal/external, and anterior/posterior stability for total knee arthroplasty