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The technique for using a device that investigates the phase transformations (DIPT) in metals and alloys.

A method of enhancing the positive threshold voltage of nitride enhancement mode Field Effect Transitors.

A high performance and durable reductive catalyst for polymer and metal-air fuel cells

A method using sub-millimeter sized microcapsules to guide the assembly of endothelial or endothelial progenitor cells to form 3D microcapillary in 3D engineered tissue under ultra-low attachment culture condition.

Dual catalyst system for lean exhaust after-treatment.

A pressure mapping device used to monitor and prevent pressure ulcers in wheelchair and bedbound patients.

An improved process for the polymerization of human serum albumin for use as a plasma expander to replace lost blood volume

A novel method for synthesizing polyvinylamine/aminoacid salt membranes with increased stability, CO2 permeance, and CO2 selectivity.

A polarization neutralizing layer used to improve electronic or opto-electronic device performance.

Method for generating a new strain of C. celluloveorans, capable of producing n-butanol directly from crystalline cellulose to improve the current environmental and energy crisis.