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Novel method for corrosion protection of ferrous metal surfaces by removing the layer(s) of oxidized metal and depositing emeraldine base polyaniline onto the surface.

Novel deposition of zeolite nanoparticles on polymer support was developed, allowing for amine-containing membrane with enhanced CO2 separation and roll-to-roll low-cost fabrication of zeolite membranes for other gas separations.

Designs and manufacturing methods for lightweight hyperdamping materials providing large attenuation of broadband frequency structure ­borne sound.

Preparation and use of a catalyst for the reduction of nitric oxide.

An advanced lithium-ion battery design that will prevent battery swelling while increasing storage capacity and cyclability.

A general, environmentally benign, and convenient method for synthesizing and tuning molecular catalysts that mimic Molybdenum Disulfide (MoS2) for hydrogen production.

An electrochemical process on a metal electrode catalyst is used to produce alcohols such as ethanol, ethylene, propanol, acetic acid, ethane, and formic acid from the direct conversion of carbon dioxide.

A family of compounds that can be used as catalysts in asymmetric synthesis.

Novel NOx selective catalytic reduction from lean-burn natural gas engines through the addition of alumina binder during palladium over sulfated zirconia preparation for monolith coating

Several methods for generating polyaniline and its derivative nanofibers