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Catalytic conversion of carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide.

An improved delivery mechanism has been developed for camptothecin derivatives which will increase chemotherapeutic efficacy.

Nanostructures that enhance the stability of biocatalysts that permit them to be utilized in scalable CO2 conversion processes

Low-cost, high-efficiency superconductors and the scalable methods for their production

An efficient delivery vehicle for therapeutic oligonucleotides with high efficiency.

A germanium substituted graphane and a methylated derivative for use as a novel semiconductor.

Semiconductor nanowire LEDs grown directly on flexible metal foil.

This innovative deposition system is able to grow single crystalline films of a broad range of complex materials with unprecedented crystalline quality of binary, ternary and quaternary oxides and intermetallics with simple or complex crystal structures.

A chemical process to produce ceratamine A and B.

Polymeric foam utilizing nanoclays in the polymeric matrix.