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An optimized Thiazolidinediones (TZD), OSU-CG12, as a novel energy restriction-memetic agent for cancer therapy and chemo-prevention.

A system of electro-osmotic pumps for the localized delivery of defined chemistry on the femtoliter scale (10-15 liter).

Development of hydrophobic paper spray ionization for direct mass spectrometric analysis of bio-fluid samples.

Utilizes a fluorescent protein gene sequence to visually distinguish in 3D the effects of chemicals on a developmental protein.

Prognostic, diagnostic, and therapeutic use of miRNAs in Sepsis

Nanodrug combination therapy leveraging doxorubicin as an effective method for treating cancer stem-like cells

Identified gene target for treatment of human acute leukemia, brain tumors and melanomas.

This technology is a set of novel DNA methylation inhibitors which can be used to reduce DNA methylation by small molecule agents.

Assay for the detection and quantification of Circulating Nucleic Acids (CNA) as a Biomarker in Canine Cancer.

DNA origami is at the cutting edge of self-assembled nanotechnology that is quickly emerging into clinical use as a chemotherapeutic drug delivery system.