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Porous scaffolds that maintain mechanical integrity while promoting tissue growth.

A chemotherapeutic fungal derivative will help treat a variety of patients suffering from inflammatory diseases.

A method for cell cryopreservation of cells in a large sample with high morphological and functional viability by vitrification using low and nontoxic concentration of cryoprotectants.

Novel in-vivo mice models facilitating the study of pancreatic beta cell loss and corresponding type one diabetes as well as other pancreatic diseases.

An optimized Thiazolidinediones (TZD), OSU-CG12, as a novel energy restriction-memetic agent for cancer therapy and chemo-prevention.

A system of electro-osmotic pumps for the localized delivery of defined chemistry on the femtoliter scale (10-15 liter).

Development of hydrophobic paper spray ionization for direct mass spectrometric analysis of bio-fluid samples.

Utilizes a fluorescent protein gene sequence to visually distinguish in 3D the effects of chemicals on a developmental protein.

Prognostic, diagnostic, and therapeutic use of miRNAs in Sepsis

Nanodrug combination therapy leveraging doxorubicin as an effective method for treating cancer stem-like cells