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Small molecules for targeted treatment of triple negative breast cancer and other aggressive phenotypes.

A method to prevent disseminated candidiasis by targeting and inhibiting CBL-b, a ligase that prevents the immune system from functioning properly.

The implantation of engineered thermogenic cells for treating metabolic disease

Identification and use of novel adipokines for reduction of visceral fat using thermogenesis.

An improved delivery mechanism has been developed for camptothecin derivatives which will increase chemotherapeutic efficacy.

Nanostructures that enhance the stability of biocatalysts that permit them to be utilized in scalable CO2 conversion processes

A group of potential antitumor arylnapthalene lignan glycosides, which may be developed as novel cancer chemotherapeutic agents.

An efficient delivery vehicle for therapeutic oligonucleotides with high efficiency.

Novel non-peptidomimetic molecules for use as anti-cancer inhibitors of signal transducer and activator of transcription 3.

A new, well-rounded system of measuring APP productivity