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An electronic valve controller assembly was built to demonstrate a means for knowing the internal state of double solenoid directional valves.

A method for producing free carbon, necessary for the growth of carbon nanotubes and other carbon clusters.

A nanofactory platform that can assemble, transport, and disassemble nanocomponents.

A novel technique to fabricate aligned and oriented nanofibers of polyaniline and their derivatives.

A time-based (phase-based) Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) that is small, fast and maintains a high level of accuracy.

A real-time visual measurement of six-degree-of-freedom motion with nanometer precision.

A new catalyst that will allow researchers to epitaxially grow high quality carbon nanotubes with small diameters.

The generation of acetic acid by the direct reduction of carbon dioxide on a porous metal catalyst

Ultrasonic cleaning of inorganic cross-flow filtration membranes.