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A triage method that can thoroughly assess the psychological, social, and supportive needs of oncology patients.

The Hospital Billing - Accepted Claims Analyzer is a self-service reporting tool that allows an analyst, manager or supervisor to write reports against the claims data to ensure maximum billing knowledge and awareness to the organization against insurance reimbursement allocations.

Research tool; in-vivo transgenic mouse model with liver oncogenicity of microRNA-221.

Indicators for predicting a lupus nephritis flare

NOVUS is a disposable hygiene device that prevents the plaque buildup in Locator abutments. The design of NOVUS improves user experience by assisting users to locate, align and clean Locator abutments without difficulty finding the parts and access for cleaning.

A high-throughput cell-based embryotoxicity screening model for drug discovery.

Computer program integrating rehabilitation science with the creative arts

An Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) primary care and consultation via smartphone application.

Two peptide mimetics that may provide relapse relief of Multiple Sclerosis.

An analytical software package which will optimize users’ anaerobic digestion processes within seconds.