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Identification and use of novel adipokines for reduction of visceral fat using thermogenesis.

An improved delivery mechanism has been developed for camptothecin derivatives which will increase chemotherapeutic efficacy.

An efficient delivery vehicle for therapeutic oligonucleotides with high efficiency.

A new, well-rounded system of measuring APP productivity

A system that enhances the aesthetic appearance of restorative and prosthetic dental restorations by objectively matching color and shading based on optical characterization and optical theories.

Novel non-contact method for healing surface or deep wounds by inducing electric fields by applying time-varying magnetic fields.

Nucleolin (NCL) is up-regulated in cancer cells, and modulates pro-tumorigenic pathways and chemoresistance. This anti-NCL agent binds and blocks NCL signaling, and may be optimized as cancer therapeutic and diagnostic tool.

Novel engineered probiotic that competes specifically with the pathogen Salmonella for vital nutrients in the inflamed intestine of humans and livestock to prevent or treat infection.

Hydrogenase enzyme deficient bacterial strains that may be used as vaccines or attenuating agents for enteropathogenic diseases.

A novel methodology for the production of polymeric particle-like drug delivery devices