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A protective ionic barrier for streamlined silicon-based biosensing.

Improving cochlear implants for better quality and understanding of speech in noise.

A treatment match platform for personalized cancer therapy

Bacillus Thuringiensis modified with Culex (Mosquito) and Manduca (Caterpillar) to exhibit potent toxicity.

The use of sarcolipin (SLN) as a novel target to increase metabolism and treat obesity.

A method using sub-millimeter sized microcapsules to guide the assembly of endothelial or endothelial progenitor cells to form 3D microcapillary in 3D engineered tissue under ultra-low attachment culture condition.

A potential cancer treatment that suppresses cancer cells' glucose uptake.

Novel engineered probiotic that competes specifically with the pathogen Salmonella for vital nutrients in the inflamed intestine of humans and livestock to prevent or treat infection.

Test using transgenic mice to over-express miR-29, with results suggesting dysregulation of miR-29 can contribute to B-CLL.

A novel approach to deliver genes to the spinal cord using engineered recombinant adeno-associated viral vectors that lead to higher transgene expression levels and a wider range of transduction.