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A technique for the isothermal amplification of DNA libraries for a more efficient and robust sequencing method.

An integrated system to improve the quality of analysis of the resected tumor specimen that provides the pathologist with the latest technological and scientific advancements.

A minimally invasive procedure to determine radiation toxicity in therapy patients or victims of nuclear accidents.

An improved delivery mechanism has been developed for hydrophobic drugs such as camptothecin which will increase chemotherapeutic efficacy.

A device that holds nasogastric tubes, oxygen nasal cannulas, and facial dressings without adhesive.

A tourniquet with a ratcheting lock to keep pressure on wounds in the groin and axillary regions. Hemostasis can be acheived while the patient is still in the field.

A treatment for spinal muscular atrophy.

A novel method to improve CNS metabolism and overall cognitive function as well as reduce peripheral neurodeneration, through the use of nanomatrices with or without identified redefined delivery biologicals and/or insulin.

Three-way junction nanoparticles for delivery of tamoxifen and other therapeutics directly to tumor cells.

The Need Medical institutions depend on accessing many sources of changing information in various different forms to be successful. Moreover, distributing this information in a concise user-friendly way for each role in the department can be difficult. In particular, this is important for busy, tertiary-level academic departments and large private practices with physicians who are responsible for making critical medical decisions and diagnoses for complex patients across large systems. These