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Paenibacterin is a new broad-spectrum antimicrobial agent produced by Paenibacillus thiaminolyticus OSY-SE.

Interactive learning application, based on Ohio 4-H 'Learning Lab Kits', that teaches and tests users on knowledge of livestock, crops, and companion animals.

A compact container that allows for rapid and uniform heating for food sterilization and is resealable.

A better commercial alternative to lye and steam peeling

Bacterial production of a potent wide-spectrum antibiotic substance

A natural source of pigment that can be used for making spray paths while offering light protection.

Treatment of Turkey Wastewater Using Sand and Textile Bioreactors

An extensive collection of inexpensive, well-balanced meals with an accompanying series of lessons packed with fun activities to advance nutritional knowledge and family engagement.

Nutrient-dense foods can be provided throughout the world and stored for years without decrease in food quality.

Lipsticks using anthocyanins as bioactive colorants that show similar shades to commercial lipsticks with high shelf stability.