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An energy management strategy for pure and hybrid electric vehicles that improves battery-life and optimizes fuel economy

Self-assembling, highly stable RNA cages amenable to custom functionalization and cargo delivery

Carbon dioxide capture from synthesis gas or hydrogen and methane containing mixtures

Medical device for controlling seizures.

A completely pneumatic, multi-directional, bladeless, personal cooling device for hospital patients

A technique to increase the processing speed of data collection without losing accuracy

Mass producible quantum dot design with tight tolerance manufacturing.

The introduced power over fiber based gate drive circuit can be used drive semiconductor devices in a wide range of applications.

A wide bandgap ultraviolet semiconductor device based on AlGaN nanowire heterojunctions doped with Gd.

This innovative deposition system is able to grow single crystalline films of a broad range of complex materials with unprecedented crystalline quality of binary, ternary and quaternary oxides and intermetallics with simple or complex crystal structures.