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A technique to increase the processing speed of data collection without losing accuracy

A more efficient DC/DC converter composed of a front-stage circuit that allows for step-down DC/AC topology

A new method which uses electrically vaporizing conductors to achieve collision welding safely, efficiently, and in a factory environment.

A system that will enable prediction of ship motion in order to improve cargo transfer, helicopter landing, and other naval/commercial operations such as those related to offshore platforms or wave energy generation systems.

A time-based (phase-based) Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) that is small, fast, and maintains a high level of accuracy.

An indoor base station system of multiple transmit and receive antennas with ultra-wide-band performance that covers LTE, GSM, PCS, and WiFi bands.

A nanowire that overcomes defect formation normally found in LEDs, leading to higher charge density.

A novel method to bond polymer composites without the use of heat or organic solvents.

A metal structure effective for infrared reflection while improving radio frequency communication.

Modifications were made to a White cell and Fourier cell to improve optical switching engines. These improvements include a reduction of cost, elimination of size restrictions, and increase of efficiency.