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A novel method for the relatively fast and inexpensive fabrication of conjugated polymer electroluminescent devices for large area applications.

This novel invention is a radar system that uses random electromagnetic noise as the radiated signal.

The Need “Objects in mirror are closer than they appear;” though problematically, objects often cease to appear in the mirror at all. While many devices are currently available to address this need, they are successful only within limited confines of operation. Current market solutions cannot detect the specific distance, angle, positions, size, and shape of the objects being queried. The ability to distinguish between low priority obstacles such as a

An analog method for the transmission of digital data via ultrasonic waves.

A pressure mapping device used to monitor and prevent pressure ulcers in wheelchair and bedbound patients.

A printed microstrip that uses simple microwave circuit components to emulate the propagation normally only found in photonic crystals and metamaterials.

Energy-efficient actuators that can process high volumes of products, using electromagnetic forming, in a single operation with multiple manufacturing applications.

A novel method of fabricating a polymer-based electroluminescent device that is capable of emitting light with two or more independent colors at room temperature.

A novel ultra wide band radar system that transmits random and/or pseudo-random radio frequency (RF) noise.

A completely pneumatic, multi-directional, blade-less, personal cooling device for hospital patients