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Production of Hydrogen gas using economical and environmentally friendly catalysts.

Development of biocatalyst for efficient production of 2,3-butanediol from renewable, cellulosic materials.

Methane production from municipal and agricultural waste through liquid and solid state anaerobic digestion.

A variable thickness liquid film target is generated at repetition rates in excess of 10 Hz for laser-excitation and application.

Preparation and use of a catalyst for the reduction of nitric oxide.

An improved thin-film composite membrane which will efficiently purify greater amounts of water for reverse osmosis applications.

A method that uses vaporizing foil actuator to join together dissimilar materials to form lightweight structures.

Limiting CO2 formation during the reaction of lower alkanes.

Potassium anode acting as the potassium-ion source in potassium-air batteries, improving the life performance and eliminating the safety issues of utilizing potassium in potassium-air batteries.

An inexpensive catalytic conversion of fructose to HMF for the production of chemicals, materials, and fuels using renewable resources.