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Potassium anode acting as the potassium-ion source in potassium-air batteries, improving the life performance and eliminating the safety issues of utilizing potassium in potassium-air batteries.

An inexpensive catalytic conversion of fructose to HMF for the production of chemicals, materials, and fuels using renewable resources.

A high performance and durable reductive catalyst for polymer and metal-air fuel cells

A thermally driven battery that does not get exhausted or need recharging because the energy is generated without depleting the electrolyte or electrodes.

Novel deposition of zeolite nanoparticles on polymer support was developed, allowing for amine-containing membrane with enhanced CO2 separation and roll-to-roll low-cost fabrication of zeolite membranes for other gas separations.

A thermoelectric power generator that uses the spin-Seebeck effect but is able to amplify the amount of the power generated.

Method for generating a new strain of C. celluloveorans, capable of producing n-butanol directly from crystalline cellulose to improve the current environmental and energy crisis.

This technology is a novel method that enhances the utilization of lignocellulosic biomass and increases yields of fuels and chemicals in the pre-fermentation process.

Practical, economical, large-scale method of a LiFeAs superconductor preparation

The spin thermal coil is a new type of thermoelectric power generator based on the spin-Seebeck effect, which converts waste heat into electrical power.