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Production of selenocysteine using transgenic algae to create industrial sized yields.

Nanostructures that enhance the stability of biocatalysts that permit them to be utilized in scalable CO2 conversion processes

Low-cost, high-efficiency superconductors and the scalable methods for their production

The Need Liquid phase anaerobic digestion (LAD) and solid state anaerobic digestion (SAD) traditionally exist as two separate processes often found in farming or food processing industries. Each independent method possesses distinct advantages and disadvantages. SAD requires larger amounts of inoculation materials and longer retention times than LAD processes. However, LAD effluent runoff is much more difficult to manage than SAD residues. Currently, composting is used to treat the LAD

Electrochemical method for LiFeAs superconductor preparation suitable for large scale production.

New method of producing n-propanol and propionic acid using a metabolically engineered propionibacteria.

Engine system capable of recovering wasted heat energy from combustion engines or similar heat sources and converting it to mechanical or electrical energy

A process for photoelectrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide to acetate using mixed metal oxide as catalysts

A novel, cost effective ammonia scrubber for use in commercial poultry facilities.

A refillable, rechargeable, and portable electrochemical energy storage system.