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Novel method for the electrochemical reduction of apertures to micron and submicron dimensions to construct metallic meshes with ordered arrays of micro- and nano-channels to provide enhanced spectroscopic detection.

A programmable antenna for rapid application switching.

Organic light-emitting device that provides an infrared light source for enhanced performance within optical communications.

Joining several independent satellite antenna above a single parabolic dish

A novel method for the relatively fast and inexpensive fabrication of conjugated polymer electroluminescent devices for large area applications.

A polarization neutralizing layer used to improve electronic or opto-electronic device performance.

A voltage multiplier that was designed based on the Cockcroft-Walton voltage multiplier that uses thyristor switches instead of diodes.

A protective ionic barrier for streamlined silicon-based biosensing.

A pressure mapping device used to monitor and prevent pressure ulcers in wheelchair and bedbound patients.

A novel antenna design for automobile windows that increases the receptivity and effective bandwidth of embedded antennas.