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A novel antenna design for automobile windows that increases the receptivity and effective bandwidth of embedded antennas.

The use of Titanium/Titanium Oxide to complete a galvanic cell to bring about conductance switching in an organic layer in a molecular junction.

A new class of smart material based linear actuators with applications in many fields.

Quantum dots for celluar imaging, OLED/LCD, solar cells, and optical switches.

A monolayer with electrical and optical properties with variable current versus voltage response.

This invention relates to functionalized carbon nanotubes and material containing functionalized carbon nanotubes suitable for use as electrodes and as electrode material in supercapacitors.

A more efficient DC/DC converter composed of a front-stage circuit that allows for step-down DC/AC topology.

Molecular modulation between high and low resistance states in response to stimuli.

This product, SCMaster, enables direct measurement of capacitance while overcoming several shortcomings of currently available Scanning Capacitance Microscopy (SCM) systems.

Stretchable, flexible, conformal multilayer electronics and antennas based on polymer substrate and metal, conductive material coated fibers.