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Small molecule cancer therapeutics that act as PPAR agonists for the inhibition of anti-apoptosis proteins

An optimized Thiazolidinediones (TZD), OSU-CG12, as a novel energy restriction-memetic agent for cancer therapy and chemo-prevention.

This technology is a set of novel DNA methylation inhibitors which can be used to reduce DNA methylation by small molecule agents.

An Estrogen Receptor Beta Agonist for the treatment of breast, colon, and prostate cancers as well as inflammatory diseases.

Two peptide mimetics that may provide relapse relief of Multiple Sclerosis.

An IL6 / GP130 / STAT3 receptor antagonist for the treatment of various cancer and inflammatory diseases.

A new strategy for using androgen receptor ablative agents has been developed for prostate cancer therapy.

An antitumor agent developed from indol-3-carbinol, a naturally ocurring phytochemical in crucifeous vegetables.

An activator that could potentially treat cancer and aberrant metabolic conditions.

A new class of small-molecule cyclin D1 ablative agents based on troglitazone (TG) that repress intracellular cyclin D1 levels.