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Novel strategy to improve efficiency and specificity of tumor treatment via combinative use of a split & splice protein toxin and oncolytic virus.

Biodegradable polymeric implants for local delivery of therapeutic agents to cancer sites as an alternative to traditional radiation or chemotherapy treatments.

Novel lipid-based nanoparticles that utilize a surfactant to improve self-assembly and stability. Finalized particles can be used for delivery of nucleic acids such as oligonucleotides and plasmid DNA.

A treatment for spinal muscular atrophy.

An efficient delivery vehicle for therapeutic oligonucleotides with high efficiency.

Self-assembling, highly stable RNA cages amenable to custom functionalization and cargo delivery

Innovative thermogenic biologicals, methods of delivery, and combinational therapy for the treatment of abdominal obesity

Nanostructures that enhance the stability of biocatalysts that permit them to be utilized in scalable CO2 conversion processes

A novel method to introduce targeted therapy to individual cells with perfect cell viability and transfection.

A novel methodology for the production of polymeric particle-like drug delivery devices