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Indicators for predicting a lupus nephritis flare

An energy efficient microfluidic device that uses surface charges to separate the components of an electrolyte solution.

A cell electroporation delivery platform capable of delivering charged agents in a highly controlled manner down to the single cell level.

An engineered device that regulates the ionic concentration outside the cell using redox active polymers and influences the membrane potential for diagnostic, therapeutic and research applications.

A method that allows automated characterization of chronic wounds without requiring significant user input.

Research tool; in-vivo transgenic mouse model with liver oncogenicity of microRNA-221.

A minimally invasive procedure to determine radiation toxicity in therapy patients or victims of nuclear accidents.

A rapid diagnostic test for Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura.

Prognostic, diagnostic, and therapeutic use of miRNAs in Sepsis

A new discovery that improves microbial diagnostics of Salmonella enterica.