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Test using transgenic mice to over-express miR-29, with results suggesting dysregulation of miR-29 can contribute to B-CLL.

Development of hydrophobic paper spray ionization for direct mass spectrometric analysis of bio-fluid samples.

A clear and objective test for the suppression of the DESC 1 genetic marker, indicative of squamous cell carcinoma progression.

Direct analysis of high-molecular weight analytes using portable mass spectrometry.

Assay for the detection and quantification of Circulating Nucleic Acids (CNA) as a Biomarker in Canine Cancer.

Diagnostic test for direct detection of Ehrilichia canis.

Indicators for predicting a lupus nephritis flare

An energy efficient microfluidic device that uses surface charges to separate the components of an electrolyte solution.

A cell electroporation delivery platform capable of delivering charged agents in a highly controlled manner down to the single cell level.

An engineered device that regulates the ionic concentration outside the cell using redox active polymers and influences the membrane potential for diagnostic, therapeutic and research applications.