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Novel method for the electrochemical reduction of apertures to micron and submicron dimensions to construct metallic meshes with ordered arrays of micro- and nano-channels to provide enhanced spectroscopic detection.

Direct analysis of high-molecular weight analytes using portable mass spectrometry.

A new class of smart material based linear actuators with applications in many fields.

Metal structure effective for infrared reflection while improving radio frequency communication in automobiles.

An energy efficient microfluidic device that uses surface charges to separate the components of an electrolyte solution.

The negative void pattern on the surface of the hairbrush allows users to bend and create gaps to easily remove trapped hair.

A completely pneumatic, multi-directional, blade-less, personal cooling device for hospital patients

A safe, cost-effective, and sustainable neutron detector based on gallium nitride, capable of gamma radiation noise isolation.

An electronic valve controller assembly was built to demonstrate a means for knowing the internal state of double solenoid directional valves.