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A natural source of pigment that can be used for making spray paths while offering light protection.

A method of suppressing soil-borne plant diseases with a subset of soil & root microflora

TMV-based expression vector system modifications result in an easier, more reliable and more cost-effective way to produce recombinant proteins in plants.

Bacillus Thuringiensis modified with Culex (Mosquito) and Manduca (Caterpillar) to exhibit potent toxicity.

An Electrostatic Precipitation System for Mitigating Particulate Matter (Particle, Dust, or Bio-aerosol) Emissions from Animal Facilities.

Small molecule modulators of Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. michiganensis (Cmm) as a means to control tomatobacterial canker.

Increasing Soybean production by enhancing already existing genetically modified traits.