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Utilizing next-generation RNA sequencing techniques to determine the immunoglobulin gene status in lymphoid cancers

A triage method that can thoroughly assess the psychological, social, and supportive needs of oncology patients.

A program that guides underrepresented junior high and high school students through the college admissions process.

A method that allows automated characterization of chronic wounds without requiring significant user input.

The Need When patients visit a new healthcare practitioner, they often have to take up the tiresome role of ‘middleman’ between their new practitioner seeking past medical history and imaging, and their former practitioner who continually neglects to send over the desired information. Currently, patients are responsible for holding on to images and informing their practitioner of past medical diagnosis. This stems directly from a lack of any shared storage

An extensive collection of inexpensive, well-balanced meals with an accompanying series of lessons packed with fun activities to advance nutritional knowledge and family engagement.

A facility use calculator for healthcare institutions. Designed to determine facility level of service charge based upon nursing care documented during a patient visit to the Emergency Department.

An Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) primary care and consultation via smartphone application.