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An analog method for the transmission of digital data via ultrasonic waves.

Metal structure effective for infrared reflection while improving radio frequency communication in automobiles.

A smart radio frequency (RF) energy recycler for wireless devices uses a novel RF energy harvester embedded inside or on wireless devices for generating electrical power from the unused wireless signals transmitted from the device.

A programmable antenna for rapid application switching.

Magnetically tunable structure that provides a controlled splitting and steering of light.

Joining several independent satellite antenna above a single parabolic dish

Human-Assisted Modeling (HAM), Subject Matter Expert Refined Models (SMERM), and Subject Matter Expert Refined Topic (SMERT) Models.

A novel antenna design for automobile windows that increases the receptivity and effective bandwidth of embedded antennas.

A novel tapered chamber design that allows for easy polarization change, test zones clean of stray signals, and a thinner back wall absorber.

Development of multimedia case studies that illustrate how teachers and school leaders address challenges with planning and teaching technology-rich lessons.