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A novel training method to separate speech from unwanted background noise.

A reflective panel for reflecting electromagnetic waves comprised of a material with varying resistivity across the panel.

An Ultra-wideband (8 to 1 continuous bandwidth), extremely low profile, wide angle scanning, phased array with integrated compact balun and feed structure.

A wireless sensor and data transponder for use in severe multipath varying propagation environments

A time-based (phase-based) Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) that is small, fast, and maintains a high level of accuracy.

A metal structure effective for infrared reflection while improving radio frequency communication.

A programmable antenna for rapid application switching

Joining several independent satellite antenna above a single parabolic dish

A new process to fabricate stretchable and flexible wire antennas with conductive fibers (E-fibers).

A printed microstrip that uses simple microwave circuit components to emulate the propagation normally only found in photonic crystals and metamaterials