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A genetically engineered bacteria pathway, directed to selectively generate butanol over competing by-products.

Carbon nanoparticle-filled polyacrylonitrile electrospun stationary phase for ultrathin layer chromatography (UTLC)

Fabrication of multilayer magnetic laminates through molecular layer deposition of organic materials.

A thermo-stable, durable, and highly selective molecular template for solid phase extraction/microextraction.

An electrochemical process on a metal electrode catalyst is used to produce alcohols such as ethanol, ethylene, propanol, acetic acid, ethane, and formic acid from the direct conversion of carbon dioxide.

An inexpensive catalytic conversion of fructose to HMF for the production of chemicals, materials, and fuels using renewable resources.

Ultra-thin layer chromatography plates that offer faster and more efficient separation of compound mixtures.

Novel NOx selective catalytic reduction from lean-burn natural gas engines through the addition of alumina binder during palladium over sulfated zirconia preparation for monolith coating

Dual catalyst system for lean exhaust after-treatment.

Novel methods for coating supported metal or metal oxide catalysts on monolith cores.