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Ultra-thin layer chromatography plates that offer faster and more efficient separation of compound mixtures.

Novel NOx selective catalytic reduction from lean-burn natural gas engines through the addition of alumina binder during palladium over sulfated zirconia preparation for monolith coating

Dual catalyst system for lean exhaust after-treatment.

Novel methods for coating supported metal or metal oxide catalysts on monolith cores.

A new discovery that improves microbial diagnostics of Salmonella enterica.

The Effect of Phosphorus in Nitrogen-Containing Carbon Nanostructures on Oxygen Reduction

A novel cell culture surfactant with improvements over the current state-of-the-art in cell viability, time to equilibrium, and molecular weight.

Steam reformation of bio-derived liquids instead of natural gas.

An improved process for the polymerization of human serum albumin for use as a plasma expander to replace lost blood volume

A catalytic treatment of nitrogen oxides from lean burning engine exhaust.