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Steam reformation of bio-derived liquids instead of natural gas.

A catalytic treatment of nitrogen oxides from lean burning engine exhaust.

Catalytic conversion of carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide.

Preparation and use of a catalyst for the reduction of nitric oxide.

Limiting CO2 formation during the reaction of lower alkanes.

An electrochemical process on a metal electrode catalyst is used to produce alcohols such as ethanol, ethylene, propanol, acetic acid, ethane, and formic acid from the direct conversion of carbon dioxide.

Dual catalyst system for lean exhaust after-treatment.

An inexpensive catalytic conversion of fructose to HMF for the production of chemicals, materials, and fuels using renewable resources.

The generation of acetic acid by the direct reduction of carbon dioxide on a porous metal catalyst

Novel NOx selective catalytic reduction from lean-burn natural gas engines through the addition of alumina binder during palladium over sulfated zirconia preparation for monolith coating