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An Electrostatic Precipitation System for Mitigating Particulate Matter (Particle, Dust, or Bio-aerosol) Emissions from Animal Facilities.

Compounds targeting unique signaling pathways for use in the control of insects

Fruit-flavored cookies that use only natural, plant-based colorants to create a dual-colored swirl pattern that appeals to children and young adults.

Small molecule modulators of Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. michiganensis (Cmm) as a means to control tomatobacterial canker.

A novel space conditioning device which combines three systems: conditioning, heat pump, and water heating.

TMV-based expression vector system modifications result in an easier, more reliable and more cost-effective way to produce recombinant proteins in plants.

Interactive learning application, based on Ohio 4-H 'Learning Lab Kits', that teaches and tests users on knowledge of livestock, crops, and companion animals.

A method of suppressing soil-borne plant diseases with a subset of soil & root microflora

All natural milk-based honey-vanilla beverage with lactose free options

A compact container that allows for rapid and uniform heating for food sterilization and is resealable.