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An extensive collection of inexpensive, well-balanced meals with an accompanying series of lessons packed with fun activities to advance nutritional knowledge and family engagement.

A method of delivering chromium, copper, zinc, manganese, and selenium to cattle through transgenic algae.

A formulation to increase the efficiency of thermoelectric materials by reducing density.

Shelf stable sterilization of food using pressure and ohmic heating simultaneously to maintain a superior quality of food.

A novel, cost effective ammonia scrubber for use in commercial poultry facilities.

An in-line valve designed specifically to direct the flow of gasses within a gas chromotography machine.

Extracted anthocyanins from Black Goji fruits (Lycium ruthenicum Murr) that can be used in the food industry as a potential source of natural color in a wide pH range.

Treatment of Turkey Wastewater Using Sand and Textile Bioreactors

A spontaneously immortalized swine liver stem/progenitor cell line developed from normal White-Duroc crossbred pigs.

A method developed at The Ohio State University gives tremendous improvements in transformation rates of plant tissues using low inoculation levels of Agrobacterium, coupled with long co-culture periods of the bacterium with plant tissue.