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A novel, cost effective ammonia scrubber for use in commercial poultry facilities.

A software based program for counting wheat tillers in a given area and predicting crop yield.

A bioreactor that facilitates rapid and automatic (or semiautomatic) monitoring and measuring of rare biological and metabolic events.

Unique bacterial strains for conversion of carbon dioxide and hydrogen into biobutanol.

A highly pure and efficient method for anthocyanin purification from fruits and vegetables

A mixed-mode method for the isolation of anthocyanin-mixtures from plant materials.

Verbal communication of color is challenging, therefore mathematically-standardized color spaces are used. ColorBySpectra is software that in one click can convert large sets of absorbance data obtained from a simple spectrophotometer into color spaces: Hunter Lab, CIEL*c*h* and CIEL*a*b*. It reduces time for data collection, and sample volume and equipment needs. The software is useable on multiple platforms and would be useful in food science or other industries interested in precise color information.

An extensive collection of inexpensive, well-balanced meals with an accompanying series of lessons packed with fun activities to advance nutritional knowledge and family engagement.

A method of delivering chromium, copper, zinc, manganese, and selenium to cattle through transgenic algae.

OH04-264-58 is a soft wheat with very strong gluten and stability over a variety of environments.