Student Opportunities

In order to harness and transform Ohio State’s magnificent brain power products and processes that will create big impacts, TCO utilizes the universities most creative and passionate resource- ITS STUDENTS!


Want to score one of the best jobs on campus? TCO has incredible opportunities for employment in Law, Design, New Ventures, Finance, Web Development, Licensing, and Business. We help students build networks, set and achieve career goals, and foster an awareness of the “search and discover” methodology used to answer questions about innovations.

By working in TCO or participating in TCO’s student programs, students are given the chance to determine the patentability, market/competitive landscape, and financial forecast of ideas. Students also develop a profound appreciation for data management and the need for accurate reporting in technology commercialization. A number of students are also engaged in software development, prototyping, and new venture creations. Through these efforts we strive to develop skilled, competent, and effective business leaders who can secure highly competitive career opportunities.


CoStart is a student-led, student-run initiative to enhance the educational experience on campus and provide a professional development channel for some of our most creative ideas and startups.

While not the primary objective, Ohio State has the opportunity to hold equity in many of these new startup companies that will generate a direct return to the University and allow the program to be self-sustaining as companies grow and exit. Engage with CoStart today!


The BOSS program is for students who want to be just that, their own bosses. It is a six week pitch competition where teams pitch repeatedly to a panel of judges, are given assignments and tweaks to make on their ideas, and return to pitch again. These pitch sessions take place every other week during the life of the program and culminate in a high-profile final pitch event in front of the TCO team, faculty, and the community. The panel of judges is comprised of industry leaders and they decide which promising new student startups receive prizes and all-access to TCO services. Ohio State students are making it happen and building companies LIKE A BOSS! Submit your student startup idea for our upcoming Fall 2013 BOSS competition!

Customer Aligned Startup Training (C.A.S.T.)

The C.A.S.T. program is a selective competition that invites students from all disciplines to drive an existing Ohio State technology through the entire commercialization process. Students have the opportunity to work closely with inventors, conduct market research, and create their own strategies.

Patents & Pies

Patents and Pies is a TCO program that allows students and faculty to come together over an assortment of freshly baked pies to discuss their ideas, the patent process, or possible startup company options. During the event participants get the chance to interact with various TCO staff to develop their idea pitch, application, and business strategy. Patents and Pies is a fun-filled, informative event that allows participants to think critically about their approach to creating breakthrough ideas. Patents and Pies is a series tailored to both students and faculty members. The participants may change but one constant remains: great pie attracts many great minds with innovative ideas.

Give Back

With over 13,000 graduate students and tens of thousands of undergrads, we have the ability to tap into bright minds, new perspectives, breakthrough research, and technologies that boggle the mind. We created many programs and organizations that harness this brainpower to create a new generation of entrepreneurs.

We invite you to support Ohio State’s students and further their efforts in the areas of innovation, commercialization, and entrepreneurship. By giving back to student programs and projects in these areas, you’re not only helping the innovative Buckeye student body but you’re also supporting and furthering the innovative and entrepreneurial culture of the university community.

Ohio State Student Group Affiliations


BBC is a student organization that meets weekly to get advice from successful entrepreneurs, host guest speakers, and is responsible for some of the most successful entrepreneurship-inspired events. CoStart and the BBC have a long-standing partnership and jointly host many events, competitions, and workshop to further Ohio State’s student entrepreneurial opportunities. Join the BBC!


NEWPATH is an NSF-supported program that has been set up at Ohio State with the mission to educate, train and nurture highly motivated students to become IT entrepreneurs of the information age. The most ambitious students are expected, by the time of graduation, to be running their own IT startups and ready to become the next generation of business and technology leaders of the IT world.

Buckeye Entrepreneurship Association

The purpose of The Buckeye Entrepreneurship Association (BEH) is to create an environment that will not only bring entrepreneurial minded students together to work collaboratively, but also encourage and facilitate the development of their own innovative ideas into profit earning businesses. The ultimate goal is to provide the opportunity for members to present their finished business plans to potential investors and professionals. This will provide members with invaluable benefits including professional feedback, advice, and critique. Entrepreneurial speakers will supplement students’ work and provide an educational aspect not available in the majority of Ohio State University classrooms. In short, the primary focus of the BEA will be to provide the connections, education, and resources necessary for members to take their ideas from start to finish. The BEA is a 24/7 entrepreneurial workshop. Learn more today!