Outreach & Education

Medical Center Innovation Forums

Faculty, staff, students, and community are welcome to the quarterly lunchtime Innovation Forum held on the OSU Wexner Medical Center’s campus. The forums are held over the lunch hour and consist of industry experts, a faculty member engaged in commercialization, and a Q&A session.

Drug Development Institute

In an effort to bring Ohio State’s pharmaceutical innovations to market, TCO is partnering with the newly-formed Drug Development Institute (DDI) to accelerate the development of new compounds through clinical trials and into the marketplace. Creating a better quality of life for patients by bringing these innovations to market is the number one priority for the partnership.

WakeUp StartUp

On the second Friday of  every month at 7:30 am, TCO opens its doors to all movers and shakers in the university and Central Ohio communities. Whether you’re a student with a concept, a faculty member with a big idea, or simply a passionate soul looking to make something happen, this event is for you.

WakeUp StartUp is where it happens: the place where innovators, investors, entrepreneurs, and community members come together for free; listen to big ideas and make things happen. Wakeup Startup (WUSU) is a movement. WUSU was started with the simple goal of connecting concept founders with interested entrepreneurs, investors, students, Ohio State faculty and the community. Every second friday of the month we come to wakeup and get a slice of startups in Columbus, Ohio. Check out the next event and be sure to visit WakeUp StartUp to learn more.


A TCO hackathon brings students, faculty, and staff together to ideate for one day around a specific theme and constraint. The purpose of the hackathon is to focus a group of passionate people and breathe life into a concept in question. Hackathons are high-energy, dynamic, engaging and downright addictive events. A few of TCO’s previous hackathons include: Wellness Mobile Applications, Agriculture and Food Science Web Solutions and Mobile Applications, and recently the Augmented Reality and Google Glass applications and ideas. All of these hackathons are centered around ideas or research connected to Ohio State. These events are designed to inspire and allow all participants to focus, dream, and think big with the ultimate goal of bringing a concept to life in one day.


Each of us will be touched directly or indirectly by cancer. One in three people will be afflicted by cancer at some point in their lives. With odds like that, no one wins. There will be a time when you will know someone, love someone, or be that someone who fights for life against this devastating epidemic known as cancer. Click "read more" for more information and Pelotonia fundraisers.

Patents & Pies

Patents and Pies is a TCO program that allows students and faculty to come together over an assortment of freshly baked pies to discuss their ideas, the patent process, or possible startup company options. During the event participants get the chance to interact with various TCO staff to develop their idea pitch, application, and business strategy. Patents and Pies is a fun-filled, informative event that allows participants to think critically about their approach to creating breakthrough ideas. Patents and Pies is a series tailored to both students and faculty members. The participants may change but one constant remains: great pie attracts many great minds with innovative ideas.

Entrepreneurial Scholars

TCO created a unique group of entrepreneurial faculty that serve as liaisons between TCO and their colleges. The inaugural Scholars group will build the foundation for an exclusive peer-to-peer network in translating research into impactful commercial outcomes.

Technology Review Boards

The Colleges of Medicine, Pharmacy, Arts and Sciences, Engineering, and Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences each have their own Technology Review Board (TRB). The TRBs are comprised of industry subject matter experts who are committed to advancing Ohio State’s technologies.

Fisher Business School Collaboration

Teaming up with Ohio State’s Fisher College of Business, students have opportunities through courses and programs to evaluate and formulate business plans around Ohio State related technologies. The Fisher College of Business Center for Entrepreneurship and the Langdale Academy are official academic partners and are charged with furthering Ohio State’s entrepreneurial ecosystem by offering structure, curriculum, great instructors, and access to mentors. In addition, the center facilitates experiences that will impact a global economy and stimulates economic growth by assisting new company formation and graduating students who possess strong entrepreneurial skills and experiences. Learn more about the Fisher College of Business and its various collaborative efforts with TCO.

The IDEA Studio

The IDEA Studio in Healthcare and Design was created to accelerate discovery, innovation and commercialization in health care through novel solutions developed to improve health, provide value and help to deliver P4 Health to Ohio State communities.

Innovation for Health

Under executive leadership of Clay Marsh, Vice Dean of Innovation at The Ohio State University's College of Medicine. The IDEA studio combines design thinking with todays emerging and progressive healthcare problems. Clay's work is world renowned and helped champion Ohio State's Personalized Health Care Center which is earning international distinction through its leadership in a novel approach to personalized health care known as P4 Health – predictive, preventive, personalized and participatory medicine. P4 Health focuses on creating systems to deliver health care focused on bringing the right intervention or treatment to the right person at the right time to save money and improve outcomes.