Our Process

Technology Commercialization Office (TCO)
One university transforming the world…

At the Technology Commercialization and Knowledge Transfer Office (TCO) we serve our faculty, researchers, students, and clinicians by turning their inventions, ideas, technologies, and research into business opportunities and products that make an impact in the local and global marketplace.


Submit your invention

Ohio State inventors now have a single site to disclose new inventions, access their invention and patent records, and view their history of non-disclosure and material transfer requests. The Inventor Portal is a secure platform developed by the Technology Commercialization Office (TCO) in conjunction with E. Scholar Faculty Advisors from across the University. Invention and Software Disclosure forms are now available online, directly within the portal, providing a user-friendly tool for inventors.

Innovate Inventor Portal

Licensing and Patents

The Licensing and Technology Assessment arm of TCO plays a crucial role in commercialization. Our teams assess, manage, and strategically place technologies into the marketplace while protecting intellectual property through patents or other unique IP protection strategies. They rely on clear milestones, shared interest and responsibility of Inventors to progress technologies forward. TCO actively engages with each college at the University, examining the technology portfolios, leveraging resources, and monitoring follow-on investment as key outcome drivers. Everything we do results in intellectual property we can license. TCO is fast, fair, and we utilize industry standard terms.

New Ventures

The New Venture team at TCO fuses human capital, funding, and technology to create startups. When a new technology is presented to the TCO, New Ventures provides the methodology support, answers, connections, and resources it needs to produce a viable company.

Ideation Lab

The Ideation Lab is where ideas are literally brought to life. Design and prototyping experts help an inventor further his or her concept and determine the greatest potential to maximize an invention’s value. The Ideation Lab assists with developing commercial applications through idea generation sessions that empower the “Techperts”, or inventors, to identify and discover innovative trends.

The Shop

The Software Prototyping Team works to create the best prototypes out of Ohio State’s software inventions. They pride themselves on a rapid iteration and a quick turn-around. Informally dubbed “The Shop”, the team continues to work with the wide range of enterprise level and native mobile application software that are disclosed at Ohio State.